Advanced Sex Positions Tips For Women


Okay, there are not 101 advanced sex positions listed here… but everything has to start with first things first. NO sexual position will be satisfying without understanding some basics. You can read pages of tips for women on sex positions, and all about the postures men might want to try, but most are variations on a few timeless favorites, and every twisted delight will feel better if you keep a few important things in mind.

Have fun exploring, but take your time and listen to each other well. It is so important to remember that unlike a man, a woman can actually lose her climax even as it peaks if you move abruptly from one position to another. Communication is key. If she is clearly happy right where you have her, don’t move a thing except for the thing that counts… and please don’t stop.

Before you explore 101 advanced sex positions, remember the #1 favorite.  As a place to start, Spooning is a natural for great foreplay that can progress from generous touch to hot loving without a hitch. Some of the best sex includes both deep and shallow penetration along with changes in angle. The spooning sex position has it all.There’s room to warm up with cuddling, kisses, and fondling anything you can get hold of. Her whole body becomes an erogenous one when touched with heated intentions.

Her C-spot is easy to reach and her G-spot is aligned to please when penetration just can’t wait any longer. If you’re interested in tips for women on sex positions, remember that easy access is important!No wonder this is referred to as “Lover’s Favorite Position.”

Remembering that great sex includes both deep and shallow penetration and changes in angle, look for positions that allow for freedom of movement for one or both of you. Lover’s Favorite can flip in the wink of an eye to man or woman-on-top positions for variety.


Try Face-to-Face positions for extended foreplay, which encourage eye contact, communication and a full range of cuddling, touching, squeezing and kissing. The ease of being able to initiate penetration from any angle with a decisive roll in one direction or the other puts the element of surprise in the hands of the partner who decides to jump in.

If you want to stimulate her G-spot during penetrative sex, you have to select positions that put the G-spot in line with the angle of your penis. This means your member will be able to passionately thrust against the upper wall of the vagina.


Facts About Women And Orgasm


If you want to get right down to some true facts about women and orgasm, one of the most important first steps is to be in harmony with her. Start by slowing everything down, because slowing it down is one of the secrets to getting in harmony with your partner.

It doesn’t just start with positions, although there are many sex position tips for women available. Before you get to that, let’s look at how you can bring other different elements into your relationship… unusual things that make the whole experience more erotic. The more eroticism you add, the more a woman will be aroused and ready for sex, and one of the key facts about women and orgasm is that her state of arousal is a main factor in how much she enjoys the actual sex act.

Being erotic doesn’t necessarily mean being sexual. But there is a continuum, from sensuality, to erotic to sexual. There is a continuum of touch, and a continuum of how we act, what we say, what we do, how we look, how we walk, how we talk. The erotic can be anywhere in that continuum.Like trying sex outdoors.

It doesn’t necessarily mean having full-out sex on a rock, for example (although it can!) It means allowing yourselves to be open to that possibility. It might mean just teasing or kissing, or putting your hand on something, or down something. Couples talk about wonderful experiences they have had in their back yard, or on a balcony, or even in public elevators. One couple enjoyed the beach, and some of their most special memories are from when they first started dating and would lie on the sand together listening to the sounds of the surf. It was very relaxing to their senses, and it sometimes led to making love on the beach.

May be this doesn’t appeal to you because you’re not an “outdoors”person. Many people are more indoor types. If you’re just not an outdoors person, and would never consider being erotic outside in any way at all, that’s okay too. You’re entitled to that! No one should ever push you into something you don’t want to do, or don’t feel comfortable doing.


But it is something to think about, even if only in a fantasy, and you may find yourself slowly warming up to the idea. Getting away from the city and into nature can be quite refreshing. You can feel the energy from the trees and the smells of nature all around you. Tuning into the beauty and letting your senses open up to it makes some people feel free and uninhibited.

Sex outdoors, or in any new and different place indoors,adds a new level of eroticism to your sex life. It can lead you to consider coming up with lots of ways to vary your sexual activity, and not simply rely on sex position tips for women. It’s not just the position; it’s where you get into that position that can be a huge gateway to arousal!


Best Ways To Spice Up Your Sex life



One of the best ways to spice up your sex life is to try something new.  This includes experimenting with what are the best positions for females to get the most enjoyment out of sex.

There are positions where the female is on top, and so to some extent is the “giver.”

These area very significant and powerful part of how the Kama Sutra works,both the ancient and the modern. When the woman is on top,she has more control. She can control the depth and the angle of penetration and thrusting, and she can feel an energy running through her body that she otherwise might not get to experience.

There are kneeling positions, and kneeling often gives one the sensation of reverence. If you’re kneeling, and the man is behind you, he can caress and hold you in a sacred embrace. If you’re kneeling face to face, or you’re sitting on him, or you’re seated on a chair, or you’re doing all kinds of positions in various ways, they open up your energy flow and promote a sense of intimate union, connect edness, and ecstatic pleasure.

Always only do things that feel pleasurable and enable you to feel more connected and more relaxed and more in surrender. You both should learn how to make sure that a woman is pleasured clitorally, vaginally, on the G-Spot, and anally too, if you want to explore that. Whatever it is that promotes your pleasure.

If you want to explore exotic positions in detail, check out the Kama Sutra. It offers many ways to spice up your sex life by trying not only new positions, but wonderful foreplay that gets a woman aroused and ready.


The positions begin with the classic missionary. She’s lying on her back, in receptive mode, and he’s climbing onto her, ready to take her to bliss. Most of Kama Sutra positions are male-dominant, with the exception of what they call “Female in the Male Role.” These are the best positions for females in many cases, but it can be the variety that makes one position suddenly feel better than others, so mix it up!

To have the greatest pleasure, a woman must be amply aroused before trying any unions.The deeper penetration positions allow greater pleasure for both partners. Be open to communication and discuss which positions you think will help stimulate you to reach clitoral, G-Spot, vaginal, or even anal bliss. The goal is not orgasm, but merging, unity, ecstasy, and all the pleasure you can share. Be sure to enjoy what you do, and to find the best ways to feel the best sensations your amazing bodies can bring you to experience.

The Art of Sex Therapy


Tips and techniques on massage for women abound online, but more than just a physical action, massage is also a type of therapy, sex therapy if you will, and the art of sex therapy includes both partners being in the right state of mind.

You can learn new ways of relating erotically and sexually and sensually, and may be one of you may say, “You know, honey, I’m not willing to do that right now,” or “If we’re going to play a sexy game and you’re going to feed me, I want to make sure that I trust you to put something I like in my mouth,” or many other ideas that communicate directly to your partner what you are or are not willing to do. It all builds trust in each other, which allows you to try more different and adventurous sexual experiences.

Personal boundaries are important, and I encourage you to talk to each other honestly, and set those boundaries so you feel comfortable exploring new things together. Then you can push your envelope a bit further. Be daring and bold. Push your personal – and your couple – envelope.

Some times what makes a sexual relationship really cook and feel great is a sense of connection and often even a spiritual union. That’s something I encourage you to look for. Be daring and bold and adventure some, and open it up, but also look for the quiet part of your connection. Create the kind of safety and the structure for how you’re going to try new things and spice up your relationship with variety. Find new techniques, or anchor into specific things that you can think about, or talk about, or do.  That communication helps you to reboot, recharge, re-spark and reconnect.


The number one thing in a good physical relationship is relaxation. Massage for women is one of the most common and easiest ways that a woman can relax. So learning tips and techniques for even the most simple, gentle massage is a great start for men. Another important aspect of the Art of Sex Therapy can be simply getting away from your usual environment. Plan a weekend getaway and let the change of atmosphere encourage you to also change your sexual routine. Surprise each other by trying new things. You can even let nature inspire you. A gorgeous setting, with the blue sky and the trees and the sound of birds and nature and water all around you – all of that can encourage and inspire and awaken new sexual feelings.

Sex doesn’t always require a bedroom. Let yourself slow down and incorporate everything around you into your next sexual experience. The idea of awakening yourself is itself a turn-on that can bring all your senses into your lovemaking.

Learn About The Kama Sutra for Women



For women, the focus in the Kama Sutra is on sensuality, or sensual love, because letting all the senses open up to your sensual side is the precursor to sexuality.

Women are the goddesses and it is the woman who needs to be honored and worshiped by the man, so that she is fully aroused and ready for you when you make love. The Kama Sutra can be an awesome resource for exploring Best Positions for Women, or the Best Sex Positions in Bed in general.

Some of the positions – or unions – of the Kama Sutra are difficult – can’t lie about that! Some positions are very advanced, because in the days when the Kama Sutra was written, people did Yoga all the time. Yoga builds suppleness and flexibility, stamina and strength. It works us from the inside out. So you’ll have an easier time with these more advanced positions if you’re already a “yogini” – which is the feminine form corresponding to the masculine “yogi.”

Yoginis are known to possess a steadfast mind cultivated through the disciplined pursuit of transcendence, an idea that is central to the practice of yoga. And even if you’re not a yogi or yogini, if you keep your spirit and mind and heart open you will enjoy these positions!  They really are some of the Best Positions for Women.

The Kama Sutra can take you to a higher level in your relationship. The focus is on the real Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian text for lovemaking, and how we can use that in our lives today. Learning the Best Sex Positions in Bed can be a new tool to use in your relationship if you want to try something different every once in a while.


The emphasis is on sensuality, and how to approach your lover in a new and different way, and may be try some things you haven’t tried before. The goal is to create something for yourself that evokes a sense of play… something that uplifts you with the sensation of a new way of being and relating to your partner… something that gives

You a real sense of yourself and your partner as “Sacred Beings”and lead you to look at your lover as your true beloved. You can learn how to play and open up the full dimension of your being as a sensual person, a sexual person, and a spiritual person.

The Modern Kama Sutra is about looking for ways to prepare yourself. It’s about looking for ways to be in harmony, and looking for ways to merge, or be in union, with your partner.

Remember that the Kama Sutra is different from what a lot of books and programs and workshops today teach about sex. The goal of the Kama Sutra is not orgasm! It is not a mechanical route to pleasure.The Kama Sutra is about exploring everything that you can experience together.

Sexy Foods for Sexual Satisfaction

Not many couples are aware of how to enjoy the remarkable relationship between food and sex. Many of us bring a fairly narrow framework of understanding of four key skills – love talk, touch, body knowledge and playfulness – to our intimate relationships. But you can gently and posi­tively awaken a deeper, joyful, satisfying experience for all who wish to experience greater sexual satisfaction for couples.


Many of us are ready and willing to enrich our mutual love of our partners and of food by the use of everyday aphrodisiacs.

For simple, sexy purposes, use and enjoy food ingredients whose chemical makeup, flavor, aroma, texture, or appearance can both please and arouse. You can add pleasure, playfulness, and variety to your eating and loving, and might be astonished at the range of ordinary foods possessing aphro­disiac qualities.

In the past, the connection between food and sex might be briefly touched on in sex education for women, but currently there are many books on the market highlighting the aphrodisiac qualities of food and drink. Several are quite good from the perspective of the recipes, but most of them are lacking in terms of explanations about aphrodisiacs, and in terms of valid sexual advice for couples. Most lack a thorough listing of aphrodisiac foods and their effects, for example.

In the sex department, they’re either too flippant, too focused on singles and one-night-stands, or too unstudied about what people actually need and want to enhance their sex lives. They don’t help much in bringing more sexual satisfaction for couples. One or two of the most prominent of these books belongs on the coffee table, but not in the kitchen or the bedroom!



Sexy Recipes for Couples, by Linda De Villers, PhD, overcomes these issues by creating a one-of-a-kind book. The basic premise, beginning with the title, takes into account how hectic and busy everyone is these days. While singles looking for seduction enhancers will find plenty of ideas to amuse themselves, the primary focus is on couples in committed relationships. It is a cookbook, but it is much more than simply a tool toward sex education for women.

Learning about aphrodisiacs and how to incorporate them into your diet will help you discover – or re-discover – a joyful, playful relationship with your partner. Sharing great food together helps you connect emotionally as well as physically, and is both fuel and inspiration for loving each other more.

Tempting Your Partner

shutterstock_67160746Sometimes you want to mix up your lovemaking routine and try something different.  There are so many resources you can check out for ideas and stories from other couples about their sexual escapades. A Sex Education DVD, or Online Sex DVD about fantasies can be a great place to start if you want to see other couples talk about and/or carry out their fantasies.

You can watch easy-to-try routines like the one this, from a man relating a story about his latest unforgettable evening with his wife:

“Margo was waiting to greet me at the door. She was wearing high heels,a lacy blouse, bra, garter belt, stockings and a big smile. She greeted me with a juicy passionate kiss. Talk about making aweary man come back to life!  A surge of energy returned to my body. She took my hand and told me to follow her… she had a special night planned.

She told me to get ready for a little show, because she had picked up a few new things on a shopping spree and wanted to model them. I pulled her onto my lap and honestly told her I liked what she had on now just fine… but she wiggled away from me and strolled off to the bedroom, leaving me there for a few minutes with my imagination running wild.

Margo returned wearing a red strapless teddy. Her breasts were spilling out the top and about to bust free any moment. Nothing but a lacy ruffle hid them from view. The legs were high-cut up to there, exposing her all the way to her waist. It made her thighs look extra curvy and inviting. I wanted to dive into them then and there.


But Margo made me wait again. She said there was more to come, and pulled away from me, headed back for the bedroom.Once again my mind started racing.

Just when I was about to get up and join her in the bedroom, she strutted back toward me wearing a full-length black gown that was sheer on the bottom. The low-cut top accentuated her breasts and was pulled in snug around the middle.

The skirt had a slit in the front that shot all the way up to her tiny waist. She did a spin, and the sheer fabric billowed out around her like a wispy black cloud. Twirling until she was right in front of me, she asked if I wanted to see more… but I couldn’t wait another moment.

I picked her up and laid her on the couch. Ripping off my pants I dove on top of her. She squealed with delight and pulled me tightly against her.

We had a pretty incredible love making session that night. And it was a cool switch-up being aroused by watching her get her clothes on, instead of off.”

This is just one small example of the sexy ideas you can get from Sex Education DVDs, or any Online Sex DVD that includes fantasies and role-play ideas for couples.